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JOY|Shell Beach is proud to showcase local artist Brandon Harward’s

JOY Starts In Our Hearts sculpture. 


Each heart in the sculpture will be sold and replaced with a new piece at the time of sale, creating an ever evolving piece of art, which has yet to be done.  The sculpture is also available for sale as a whole.


The artist spent three years collecting the hearts, 1500 hours creating each individual piece, and 12 hours on the installation at JOY. 


Brandon will generously give 10% of the sales to help support local businesses and individuals in the communities of Shell & Pismo Beach.  Each person that purchases a part of this sculpture will be asked to share what drew them to the heart.   At the end of the year a book will be published displaying the hearts and their corresponding stories contributed by each heart owner. 10% of the proceeds from the book sales will also go back to the local community.   


JOY will be making various purchases of these hearts to support the artist as well as for raising funds for Project Helping Hearts with JOY to support individuals and businesses in the Shell Beach community.  One of the signed pieces will also be included in a raffle supporting Shell Beach businesses and the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition.


There will be opportunities to purchase a piece of this sculpture at JOY as well as the opportunity to purchase dedication pieces that will remain on the wall as the story continues.


To learn more about Brandon Harward, the artist and what inspired his sculpture, please visit his website here.


We are all seeking JOY, helping and giving to others is the greatest JOY. 


Brandon’s incredible sculpture is a reminder that JOY starts in our hearts and a little heart can go a long way.

Our one human commonality is the heart, we cannot live without one and every heart has a story.  Come tell us yours and be a part of the movement of this sculpture. 

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