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We have our winner!  Thank you to everyone that helped spread the word and for buying up those raffle tickets.  Our lucky winner won everything listed below.  Thank you to the Shell Beach Improvement Group for contributing $500 that went to two deserving Shell Beach businesses to help increase the prize value. 

If you are not yet a member, of SBIG JOIN

PLEASE continue to support our Shell Beach businesses and the 5CHC.

The winner of this raffle will receive a value of over 1800.00!!!


▪A kayaking tour at Central Coast Kayaks.

▪Massage at A Vital Touch Day Spa plus $250 worth of product

▪ A body treatment session at Michael Moore Sports Massage Therapy 


  ▪ Zorros $50

  ▪Cape Cod $50

  ▪Mei’s $50

  ▪The Bean $25

  ▪Sando’s $25

  ▪JOY $50

  ▪Shell Beach Brew House $50

Fringe by Jasi & Co. $50 plus $250 worth of product

  ▪A haircut from Willie Romero 

 ▪CJ Silas Show long sleeve shirt, Baseball cap & Mask

  ▪A facial & a package of Perky Powder from local creator and aesthetician Pamela Thoring

  ▪A family membership to the Shell Beach Improvement Group

  ▪Spray tan package at Bahama Mamas Spray Tan Studio

  ▪A hoodie from Honeycomb Designs

▪A Livin’ La Vida Local bag and t-shirt from Connected Communities

▪A signed hard copy of the book Real, from local story teller, Shelley Malcom

▪A signed copy of A book on Pismo Beach History from local historian Effie McDermott

▪A print along with greeting card package from famous local artist Colleen Gnos

▪A one of a kind necklace from Amy Peter’s Studio

▪Earrings from Freckle Patch Design

▪A night at the Shell Beach Inn and some Shell Beach Inn swag! 

▪Two bottles of Dunites Wine

▪An original Drift Ocean Designs Bubble Fish and a trucker hat

▪A signed piece of the JOY Starts In Our Hearts sculpture from artist Brandon Harward

The winner was selected December 17th

What it's all about.


Prior to COVID, the Shell Beach businesses were suffering significantly due to the Streetscape project.  The Shell Beach Improvement Group and our businesses were looking at ways to drive business back, as well as support others enduring hardships.  We were talking with the 5Cities Homeless Coalition about raising funds for the incredible work they do to support the people in our community. 

There is a misconception that the homeless population is due to drug use or mental health issues.  While this is true in some cases, there are people homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless. These people are just like you and me. There are kids attending school with yours that are living out of their cars. 

When COVID hit, things got worse, our schools shut down and so did our businesses.  That left a lot of our community without. 

We were all struggling to find ways to help each other. I started buying gift cards from the businesses in Shell Beach that were hit the hardest during the streetscape. I then started making purchases of art, jewelry and wine from some of our Shell Beach locals that were losing business due to the shut down.   My thinking was I could put ALL of these things together for one BIG raffle that would benefit the Five Cities Homeless Coalition while marketing these local businesses. With the hope of driving business BACK to Shell Beach. 

By the way, the roads are clear and we have REALLY missed you!  Come on out to Shell Beach, take a walk down the NEW path, breath in the ocean air,  support a local business and each other.  

It’s the Shell Beach way. 

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