cold pressed juice

fresh organic
& delicious

Our Juices are made with organically grown ingredients, good intention & JOY. Our focus is on reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, fighting cancer, aiding in lowering blood pressure & cholesterol as well as supporting the liver. The ingredients of our juices change based on availability. 



Our bowls are organic and completely unsweetened.  We pre-blend so that the flavors have time to marinate and create a natural sweetness.


“people love to photograph our food almost as much
as eating it. see 100+ pics in yelp

A message from JOY

JOY is here for YOU, (our friends, family and community.

When you walk through the door you can relax, release your breath and

care for YOU.

It is a place for you to reconnect and ground yourself. A place to nourish your body and soul with delicious food and fantastic people. We infuse everything we make with love and good intention so that it continues with you.


We are a phone free zone.  Feel free to take pictures but we truly want you to unplug, be present, unwind and have a moment.


You are welcome to work on your laptop, journal, read, sit and zone out.  Sometimes we just need to be surrounded by positive energy.


We prefer that you hang here for your order rather than take it to go.  It is better for the environment, and we love having you around. If you need to take it to go, we have your back.


May you always find JOY in your day, may you always live your JOY and may you always share your JOY with all those you encounter.


With love and gratitude,


the Joy tribe